Why My 2 Year Old Isn’t Potty Trained Yet

Why My 2 Year Old Isn’t Potty Trained Yet


Parents feel a lot of social pressures when it comes to how to raise their kids. Everything from how to feed their little ones to their babies sleeping patterns. With social media, I’d argue that the social pressure parents feel is exaggerated.

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One of the areas I’m particularly feeling the pressure is with potty training. It seems the day your little one turns 2, the potty training questions come flooding in.

“Is she potty trained yet?”. Or one of my favourites “How’s potty training going?”, as if they assume that you must have already started potty training.

Our 3rd, Jordan, is 2 and she is not potty trained.

Jordan is perfectly healthy and meeting all her milestones, but she’s just not potty trained yet.

And there is one simple reason why my 2 year old isn’t potty trained.

She’s simply not ready. She’s really close to being ready, but not quite there.

There’s one simple reason why my 2-year-old isn’t potty trained. She’s simply not ready. 

Are there toddlers that are ready and fully trained before 2? Absolutely. But there are also a lot of toddlers who are not ready until closer to 3. is it really out of the ordinary? Taboo even?

Could I buckle down and potty train Jordan right now? Yes, I could. But I’ve been down that road before.

I’ve given into the social pressures to potty train my oldest before 2. It didn’t work out well. Not only was it a long and tedious process, but it was also stressful for her and I. It really impacted our relationship at the time. And it wasn’t until weeks upon weeks of training was she actually fully potty trained.

Along came baby #2, and I choose to take more of a laid-back approach to potty training. I waited much longer to potty train. It took less time and we weren’t stressed out with the process. I made sure she was 110% ready, and it was a much more natural process. After just a couple days, she was trained. It was simple and laid-back.

One of the biggest lessons I took away from potty training my older girls is: Don’t push it.

So I’ve taken the same simple and laid-back approach with Jordan. She’s almost 3 and not potty trained, and I’m okay with that. I don’t see why I should rush it if she’s not ready. So I don’t push it. I’m not waiting for her to do it herself, but I am waiting until she’s ready.

I’m sure she will be potty trained before school, and I am most definitely sure she will be potty trained before college.

Did you feel the social pressure to potty train before 2? Let me know in the comments below.

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It seems the day your little one turns 2, the potty training questions come flooding in. Our 3rd, Jordan, is 2 and she is not potty trained. I mean - is it really out of the ordinary?Jordan is perfectly healthy and meeting all her milestones. She's just not potty trained yet for one simple reason.




  1. kumamonjeng says:

    I guess every kid is different and we should not rush things, some kids start talking only after 4 but turn out picking up thing super fast! We should not feel social pressure and ignore those.

  2. Candy Rachelle says:

    This is such a great post. Let’s admit that it’s very difficult to train a child especially in a potty training. I also had a hard time to teach and to train my kids when they were young. I train them every day until they get used to it.

  3. Elizabeth O says:

    I am a big fan of being laid back, I feel like children will let you know the signs when they are ready to potty train. One of mine was 4 before he cracked it!

  4. Emily Fata says:

    It can be super difficult to potty train a child; I watched my aunt’s with her two daughters, and they both took to it so differently. The oldest refused to go to the washroom on the potty until she was three and a half, and the younger one just preferred the potty and was potty trained by two. I think it really does depend on the child!

  5. Amy-Lynn Vautour says:

    Great post. Its funny that some people think that if you don’t do it by a certain time they will like never get there. What person do you know who’s ever made it to 12, 13, 24, without learning to use a bathroom properly? Eventually, they’ll feel motivated by being the odd kid out, at the very least. They’ll probably feel motivated for other reasons much sooner, though.

  6. samantha says:

    YES, YES, YES! I feel like I am such a minority with this. We “forced” our oldest to potty train, because I felt like he had to be. It was the worst experience ever! It was stressful, there were a lot of tears from both me and him, and we had potty trouble for years after that. Kids 2-4, we let them potty train at their own pace. SO MUCH BETTER! One day kid 2 woke up, asked for undies and was potty trained. Without us really doing anything. Kid 3 and 4 would act interested for awhile, then stop, and that was okay with us. Back in diapers they went. Until one morning they just woke up put the undies on, and never went back to the diapers. Potty training is happening between 3 and 4 with this way, but I am okay with that.

  7. Ithfifi says:

    I don’t have children so its not something I’ve personally been through but I have heard women talking to each other with the exact same comments you’ve mentioned “Hows the potty trainging going” – every child is different, why expect to put a time cap on when they should be potty trained – within reason of course. Sometimes the mums at my nieces school can be so slyly catty, I see it all the time!

  8. Calleigh says:

    I can relate to this scenario. My kid wasn’t potty trained until 2.5 years old but one day, we just woke up and he did his own thing and from then on, it became normal routine to him in going potty.

  9. Wendy Jones says:

    We put so much pressure on other moms (sometimes without even realizing it), as you said the best thing is to just let the child go at their own pace. They will be early by some standards, late by others, but just right for their own.

  10. Preet says:

    I can totally relate to this one, I have my 2.5 years old whom I am trying to potty train. I agree with not pushing it. And that is the lesson I took from my elder, she started it on her own after some days when I had stopped pushing.

  11. Flora the Sweaterist says:

    I believe that if there’s a good bond between child and parent, the parent will know when his/her kid is ready to learn something new: whether it’s potty training or something totally different. It’s all about mutual trust. If your kid can trust you not to push something s/he’s not ready for, you can trust him/her to let you know when the time comes.

  12. Anastasia says:

    I have twins that are 2.5 years and they are not potty trained yet Bcecause they are just not quite ready. We have to deal with our parents constantly telling us they should be potty trained already. Way too much pressure!! We are just taking our time.

  13. Shubhada Bhide says:

    I can totally relate to this.We don’t need to put pressure on our kids just to learn them how to use potty. We must be patient until they learn things.

  14. Nawdeeya says:

    I do not have any kids, but I do agree that you should not rush a kid to meet societal standards. They should be encouraged to learn at a pace that is comfortable and less stressful for everyone.

  15. Angela Ricardo Bethea says:

    This is such a great post and perfect for a new mom like me. I think I need to prepare it for my son’s growth. Thanks for sharing it will help me a lot.

  16. Sharon R. says:

    Such a good reminder not to push kids until they’re ready! With the guidance of his awesome daycare teachers, my strong-willed 2 year old (27.5 months) got the hang of going to the potty full-time about 2 weeks ago, and hasn’t looked back (apart from still wearing pull-ups at bedtime, which we are not in a hurry about). But before he really decided on his own that he was ready, there was definitely a lot of (needless) self-induced anxiety and frustration on my part! A lesson to parents to relax and let littles learn and happily do their own thing! 🙂

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