My Favourite Treasures Found On Amazon: Christmas Gag Gifts

Ready or not, the holidays are in full swing! If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to start hunting down the perfect gift for the special people on your list. Sometimes it can be very difficult to find that perfect gift though, especially for those Secret Santa exchanges. It’s so had to find a gift that is something that everyone could use.

Amazon has your Secret Santa gift covered with gifts that everyone could use: A Good Laugh! That’s right, I’m talking my favourite gag gifts on Amazon this week.

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Now For The Good Stuff!

My Favourite Christmas Gag Gifts Found On Amazon:

The Gift Of Nothing: For those on your list who say they want nothing. #classic.

Promising Review:

My father in law always say’s he doesn’t want anything for birthdays, father’s day and Christmas. When I told him I got him exactly what he asked for last time and he opened the gift…priceless. From now on if he say’s nothing, I’ll tell him “I know exactly where to get it”


Toilet Golf Putter Practice in The Bathroom: I don’t even like golf, and I want this. It’s a perfect gift for anyone who uses the bathroom.

Promising Review:

Was the perfect gift for my secret Santa. Got lots of laughs and he actually has “played” it multiple times

Get it HERE

Self Stirring Mug: Perfect for lazy coffee and tea drinkers … Make the gift even more fun by not telling them that the mug is self stirring and give them a crazy look when they tell you.

Promising Review:

The cousins that I sent two of these mugs to said that they were the talk of the family when they brought their mugs to a family get-together. Everyone was jealous, and that’s what counted. It’s a great mug, and even better conversation starter.

Get it HERE

‘The Butt’ Office Supply Station: This gift is funny and practical.  A great gift for those who love office supplies!

Promising Review :

Made a great gag gift for a working mans desk. The men I gave it to to got a big laugh!

Get it HERE

Bag of Unicorn Farts: Just like cotton candy but with magic! 

Promising Review:

This product is awesome!!! I got this as a gag gift for Christmas Exchange/White Elephant and it was a huge hit. People were trying there little hearts out to get this gift for themselves. A lot of the men were getting a kick out of the packages and the women loved it for how cute it looked. I highly recommend getting this gift!

Get it HERE

Bangle Bracelet Stainless Steel Hip Flask: Just make sure to write in the card that they must share the wine they sneak into the office

Promising Review:

great gag gift…. I wore it to the bar and saved some money bringing my own alcohol. lol

Get it HERE


Stuck up Magnet Set: Take these out of the package and throw them in a bag by themselves … watch the look on the persons face when they reach in a take out what looks like chewed up gum.

Promising Review:

These were part of a gag gift. The recipient put them on a friends car . Needless to say this gift was a hit and continues to put smiles on faces .

Get it HERE

Big Comfortable Desktop Pillow Super Sized Enter Key USB Stress Relief Punch Bag: Because everyone really just wants to hit their keyboard every now and again to let off their unhappiness. Bonus: this gift doubles as a napping pillow.

Promising Review:

Its super fun and comedic to have at my desk and since getting this I’ve pretty much become the cool kid in the office, everyone wishes they had one too! so from the bottom of my cubical heart i want to say Thank You Qibox Enter Key Pillow! you have truly changed my work life!

Get it HERE






  1. Shubhada Bhide says:

    Wow! these are really great and cool gift ideas for Christmas. That awesome Self Stirring Mug is calling my name, I need to check these items!

  2. Ana Ojha says:

    Wow! I didn’t know that these quirky kinds of stuff are even available on Amazon! I’ve many friends who want nothing for their gifts! Now I know what to gift them!

  3. Deb B. says:

    Omg these gag gifts are HILARIOUS!! The butt office supply station is my fave and I know SO many people who would get a lot of use out of the stress punch bag.

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