Birth Story Part 2: When Nurses Pass Notes Around Your Delivery Room

This is part 2 of Elanor’s birth story. To recap part 1: I’m overdue by 5 days. I ended up going into labor while shopping at Walmart. I’m pretty sure I scarred the teenager at the cash because I love bacon and labor wasn’t going to stop me from getting an amazing deal on it.

Mike offered to drop me off at the front door, but I declined because I know he was going to park a block away and walking is good for labor. My last 3 labors were long and slow, so I thought I had all this time and that the walking would be helpful.

I was wrong. I ended up going into active labor while walking the block to the hospital.

Que panicked husband.

Much to my husbands relief we made it to the birthing floor where I was quickly admitted. The nurses were amazing and very supportive. As soon as they got me in a gown, they let me know that if I wanted an epidural that they would need to call the anesthesiologist in right away. I was like YES – Give me the drugs. 

The nurses put me on gas until the anesthesiologist got there. But they didn’t know how to work the new gas tank – so it wasn’t much help. I don’t think they had it on at all.

By this time I’m starring at the clock asking why the anesthesiologist wasn’t here yet. Next thing I know the nurses are passing a note around. I can see the look of sheer panic come over their faces. One nurse even mumbled Oh Sh*t under her breath. Contractions at this point were coming on hard and fast. I was getting no relief from the gas. And now the nurses were passing notes.

My husband read the look on my face and just asked for me what is going on? Why are we passing a note around? The nurses did their best to brush it off like it was nothing and keep me calm and help me through the breathing.

The OB and her student arrives around this time and read this note. Then the student looked at me and said So, ummm … we called the anesthesiologist. And, well …. ummm … he fell back asleep. He’s on his way now, but I’m not sure if he is going to make it. 

Que panic for me.

I do not handle pain well. I had no idea how I was going to do this. The nurses were amazing at keeping me calm. Baby seemed totally unfazed by all this, and was just working on getting out. After 30 more minutes, some gas (that someone finally figured out how to turn on), and a lot of praying, the anesthesiologist made his appearance.

We went ahead and put the epidural in. I wasn’t sure if this was the guy that went back to sleep or not so I didn’t say anything to him. But when he was done and I laid back down he started to apologize for falling back asleep.

I almost lost it on this guy – which I probably would have felt horrible for because I’m sure he works long hard hours and didn’t plan to fall asleep on some poor laboring mom. But I didn’t because my OB informed me it was time to push.

The epidural didn’t have time to take effect, but Eleanor made her appearance after only 20 minutes of pushing. Exactly 3 hours after we first arrived at the hospital just after 1am on Tuesday October 18th.

Besides my first baby – which was an emergency section, this was the fastest labor. And even though there were some hiccups along the way (who’s birth goes as planned anyways? ) and that I possibly scarred the girl at Walmart so I didn’t have to miss a deal on bacon, Mike and I are so grateful that the Lord chose us to be the parents to another beautiful baby girl.


  1. janine a says:

    wow crazy! i love reading birth stories but now that im getting so close to my due date I might be freaking myself out haha

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