10 Creative Ways To Combat Toy Clutter

10 Creative Ways To Combat Toy Clutter

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Being a mom of 4 I find my house overran by toys a lot of the time. In an idealistic world, I’d just start giving away toys to combat the toy clutter. But, the issue with that is, each of my kids is at such different developmental levels that there’s not too much else I could giveaway. None of my kids play with the same toys. My toddler doesn’t want the baby toys. My 5yr olds toys are too dangerous for the baby. And if anyone touches my oldest daughters stuffy collection they will ‘ruin them’.

Since getting rid of the toys (or kids) isn’t really an option; I’ve turned to Pinterest for help. Over the years I have tried different toy clutter solutions. Some worked, some didn’t. These are the top 10 creative storage solutions I use to combat the toy clutter. These solutions are cost-effective, easy, and – most importantly – they work!

Which one is your favourite? Do you have a creative storage solution for toys? Share in the comments below!

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10 Creative Ways To Combat Toy Clutter

A Bean Bag Chair That Doubles At Stuffed Animal Storage: 

Or Grab Some Of This Tulle & Make This No-Sew Stuffy Net

Image Source: https://goo.gl/SKWrjW

Image Source: https://goo.gl/SKWrjW

Hang This Magnetic Strip To Hold Toy Cars: 

Picture Source: https://goo.gl/frFgtX

A Drawstring Play Mat That Doubles As Toy Storage 

Hang These Wire Baskets On The Wall For Book & Small Toy Organization

Image Source: https://goo.gl/aApSFY

Use A Closet Organizer To Store Board Games Away

Image Source: https://goo.gl/mVLjej

To Store Small Toys And Their Accessories; Use This Shoe Organizer 

Image Source: https://goo.gl/3H25US

Use This Adorable & Potable Toy Box To Store Larger Toys 

Add Extra Seating & Storage With This Bin

Don’t Forget To Utilize The Space Under The Bed 

Image Source: https://goo.gl/ZVLRxj



10 Creative Ways To Combat Toy Clutter


  1. samantha says:

    Love, Love, Love the magnetic car holder, and barbie holder! I want to go get magnetic strips now! I am pretty sure my kids would think that is the neatest thing ever, and even pick up their toys!

  2. Shell says:

    As a Mama I’m very grateful for all of these ideas. I especially like using the closet organizer for game storage—brilliant!!!!!

  3. Cia Black says:

    The magnetic strip for cars is must of mom’s with little boys, it worked well for us. I’m going to have to give the shoe rack a try for our daughter barbies, they are getting out of hand. and this seems like a solution that could possibly work.

  4. Amanda says:

    Not going lie, I think some of these can help my bf too lol. I used to have the hanging nets as a child. My mom loved them. They were a huge lifesaver!

  5. Ithfifi says:

    These are all amazing ideas but th bean bag chair is just genius! I’ve never seen anything like that before, nor would I have thought about it, sheer genius!!

  6. Deb B. says:

    These ideas are absolutely clever! Love them! I am especially excited to use the hanging shelves in the closet for board games and the tulle for the stuffies. Amazing!

  7. Ellie Plummer says:

    I don’t have children but some of these ideas are also great for me. I love how creative and fun these ideas are.

  8. Nati says:

    Toy clutter… I’m right in the middle of it!! These ideas are great I definitely need to giveaway some of the toys my kids don’t play with anymore and implement new ways of storing the rest! Thanks for the ideas!

  9. Ariel says:

    These are some amazing tips for combating toy clutter. Some are really cute ideas! I will have to try some of these for Dog toys, as I do not have kids yet. Thank you for sharing!

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