My Favourite Treasures Found On Amazon: Gifts For People Who Are Always Cold

Fun fact about me: I used to live in Oklahoma. A little town in the middle of nowhere named Paden. While I don’t miss the extreme weather during tornado season; I do miss the mild winters there. I’m in Ontario, Canada now, and winter can be really harsh and cold. Like really cold.

During the winter months I’m always cold. It doesn’t matter what the furnace is sitting at, I can never get warm. If you ever stop by my house, I’m always in my fuzzy slippers and housecoat. When I walk to girls to and from school, I’m that parent bundled up like an Eskimo.

So I know what I’m talking about with this weeks Amazon gift guild. If you are buying for someone who is always cold – they will LOVE any of these gifts. These gifts will warm their hearts – and their hands and feet.

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Now For The Good Stuff!

Gifts For People Who Are Always Cold

An oversized blanket cape: Is there anything better then wearing a blanket all day?

Promising Review:

Love them, I bought 2. A great gift to have on hand!

Heated HAND WARMERSKeep Your Hands, Feet and Toes Warm With Disposable, Biodegradable Heat Packs

Promising Review:

My hand are always cold.. so when I saw these I loved that they where biodegradable but skeptical of how well they would work. They worked great! I used them all day snowboarding in less then ideal conditions, my hands were super warm, not to mention they last for hours, more then enough. I’ll definitely be purchasing these again 🙂

A Heated Throw: This throw delivers the ultimate in cuddly comfort.

Promising Review:

First class quality heating Sherpa! The material is luxurious to the touch and very comfortable. The brown color is very nice. It washes and dries well on recommended cycle. I highly recommend this heating mink Sherpa!

This Wireless Heating Pillow Warmer: This foxy wireless pillow warmer is sure to keep you toasty warm anywhere you go.

Promising Review:

It’s super cute and pretty warm. As a fox lover this was the perfect gift!

A Knitted Mermaid Tail Blanket: This mermaid blanket defiantly makes cuddling up on the couch better.

Promising Review:

Exactly what I was hoping for and then some! It even fits adult makes 6 feet tall no issues. It’s warm, comfy, cozy and the color is so Ariel! Ordering more now as my go to gift this Xmas

A Personal Heater: To provide immediate personal warmth with cool touch housing.

Promising Review:

I bought 2 of these and I’m using one at work and one at home, its small, noiseless and performs amazingly.

 A Pair of Heated Socks: The ultimate way to stay comfortable outdoors when the weather gets cold. 

Promising Review:

Keeps your feet really warm and nice socks to wear for sport and outdoor activities to face cold winter temperatures !

A Long Hooded Scarf Gloves With Pockets: Soft and comfortable to wear, keep you warm and looking good in the cold weather.

Promising Review:

I was delighted to find this warm, soft, thick hat/glove/scarf wrapping. It is super warm. One arm is longer to wrap around as scarf. It washed well. If you are looking for just warmth, and not a super stylish wrap, this is it. Very happy with purchase.

Foot Massager with Heat: Massaging booties that will warm and soothe feet.

Promising Review:

This product is great you get a good foot massage and it keeps your feet nice and warm will be great for winter coming in from the cold or for tired aching feet .

Stroller Gloves: These stroller gloves have velcro that easily attach to the handle bar of your stroller.Universal fits most single handlebar prams, strollers, pushchair, shopping cart, and more.

Promising Review:

Really happy using it with my uppababy vista in below zero temperatures in Canada!


There you have it. If you have someone who is always cold on your holiday gift list – I’m sure they would love anything on this list! What’s your favourite thing on this list?




  1. Flora_the_Sweaterist says:

    The funny thing is that I’d always prefered the cold season to the heat of the summer. But recently I tend to feel cold so easily! I don’t know what happened but my sensors decided to go oversensitive. This products seem just the perfect things to use against cold. My favourites are the blanket cape, the mermaid tail and the heated hand warmers.

  2. Bea says:

    The oversized blanket cap os my go to every time I freeze 🙂 I own 2 of them and just love them both so much 🙂 I am also highly considering in getting this Knitted Mermaid Tail Blanket; too pretty to not have it 😀

  3. Shell says:

    These are great gift ideas for those who live in cold climates! At my house today it is 84 degrees out! Too warm for December:)

  4. Ana Rozanova says:

    I just got a heat throw for my grandmother and actually loved it so much, that now need one for myself. And mermaid tail looks gorgeous and perfect for the winter. I can wear it while blogging 😉

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