Make Memories Feeding Your Little One: Let Kushies Take Care Of The Mess {Review & Giveaway}

Eleanor is officially eating solids, and loving it! You would think I’d be an expert in feeding babies since Eleanor is my 4th, but Mike and I choose a little bit of a different rout choose how to introduce solids to Eleanor. With our last 3 babies, we choose to spoon feed puree’s. And while there is absolutely nothing wrong with choosing to feed you baby puree’s, we had heard a lot about baby led weaning and decided to give it a go with Eleanor.

The one thing that Mike and I have noticed hasn’t changed by choosing baby led weaning is the mess. No matter how you choose to feed you little one, you can expect there to be a mess. And if just thinking about mess makes sends a little shiver down you spine (because who really like to scrape dried yogurt from the floor, highchair, and baby?), then Kushies is for you!

Kushies Overview:

Kushies creates and provides an innovative collection of quality baby products and accessories. They are located in Stoney Creek, Ontario. More than half of their products are proudly manufactured in Canada. Kushies offer multiple products ranging from layette, bedding, bath, feeding and outerwear, to name a just a few. I was given the opportunity to test out some of Kushies baby feeding products from their Sili line.

Products I tested: Silicatch Bib, Silisoft Bib, Siliplate, Silifeed Spoons, and CleanMat: 

This is not my first time using Kushies. I’ve been using their feeding products for years. Something I love about Kushies feeding products is how easy they are to keep clean. The Silicatch bib, Silifeed spoons, and Siliplate are all dishwasher safe. The Silisoft bib is dishwasher safe, and the CleanMat wipes clean easily with just a damp cloth. Their products are also BPA, PVC, Lead, Phthalate free, making them safe for everyone in your family.

Something else I love about Kushies feeding products is they are also versatile. Their feeding plates can also be adorable baking molds (yes, they are oven safe! #amazing), or a handy craft helper – we love ours for painting activities too. Their CleanMats also make a cute mat for playtime, and make a great picnic ‘blanket’ at the park.


A Little More About The Products I Tested:


CleanMat: This mat comes in a couple super cute prints. They are made from 100% nylon, which is a very durable material that’s really easy to clean. They are also BPA, PVC, lead, and phthalate free. These large mats are great for protecting your floors and carpets from spills and stains. Also doubles as an amazing picnic blanket or mat for those messy art projects.

Silicatch Bib & Silisoft Bib

Silisoft Bib: This bib features a soft waterproof top and a lightweight and super soft silicone catch all pocket for easy feeding. It comes in a large variety of super prints, and is machine washable. My favorite feature is the velcro closure. It doesn’t get stuck on hair or other fabrics in the wash.

Silicatch Bib: This bib is made with super soft silicone in playful colors. It’s very light weight and comes in a lot of fun colour choices. The adjustable neckline means it will fit on Eleanor of her older sister. My favourite thing about this bib is that it’s dishwasher safe. How amazing is that?


Siliplate:  The Siliplate is not only adorable, but it also suctions to most tables, counter tops, and trays … meaning this plate stays put. It comes in a car shape and a butterfly shape (as shown), and is dishwasher, microwave, freezer, and oven safe. My favourite thing about this plate is how versatile it is. You can use it as a super cute baking mold or craft tray after baby is weaned.


Silifeed Spoons: These spoons are light weight, making them perfect for a little hand to hold. They are one piece of food grade silicone and hold the perfect amount of food for a baby’s mouth. There are also dishwasher safe, making keeping them clean a breeze. Beside the bright colours, my favourite thing about these spoons is their shape make it ideal for a little mouth. Other baby spoons can be too wide, some too small … but I find these spoons hold the perfect amount of food for a baby’s mouth.

Silifeed Spoons

See the Kushies products in action (really just an excuse to post pictures of Eleanor, Haha!)


And now for a giveaway! Enter below to win a $50 Kushies gift card to shop online at
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Good Luck!


Make Memories Feeding Your Little One: Let Kushies Take Care Of The Mess {Review & Giveaway}

Disclosure:  I received these products in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own






  1. Kayla Bernard says:

    This would be perfect for my daughter she is just starting foods and oh man is it messy! Will definitely be checking these out 🙂

  2. Amanda Fonstad says:

    My favourite product in this blog post is the Cleanmat! We have one and it saves us from scraping food off our floor.

  3. Branka Stefanovic says:

    My granddaughter, Sofia, just started solids this week. She sure is messy and would love the Silisoft bib. Thank you for the chance!

  4. Ali says:

    The mat is definitely needed in my house. We don’t actually have a full kitchen/dining room in our apartment and my 1 year old likes to throw his food. This would make clean up much easier!

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