Santa Freebies For Christmas

Christmas is only a few short weeks away! I know Christmas comes the same time every year – BUT it still feels like it sneaks up on me every year.

And while us adults are rushing around trying to get all the last minute things in order, the little ones are wrapped up in the magic of Christmas. That is; wrapped up in the magic of Santa.

Here’s a great list of Santa freebies to keep the magic of Christmas going strong:

Tracking Santa

  • NORAD (app or PC)  You can also call toll free 877-Hi-NORAD (1-877-446-6723), or email:
  • Google Santa Tracker
  • To track Santa via text messages: text “SANTA” to 94033. To stop the messages text STOP to 94033. Messages are sent every hour in Christmas Eve.

Santa Fun: 

If you know of more Santa freebies, share them with everyone in the comments below. Merry Christmas!




  1. Cia Black says:

    We have santa number, the kids can call and leave a message, then 10 minutes later it calls you back so you can hear what your kids wished for. We love the santa tracker and use it every year.

  2. Alicia Taylor says:

    If you have a Google home (and possibly android phone – not sure) you can tell it to call Santa. Your child can have an interactive phone call with Santa and his elves. I don’t have kids, but play with it because it’s fun and different every time depending on the answers.

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