15 Insanely Useful Products For Your Home {Under $30}

15 Insanely Useful Products For Your Home {Under $30}

I’m an Amazon addict. I don’t think that statement will surprise anyone that knows me.

Not only do I not need to put real pants to shop on Amazon, but they have everything I could ever want or need.

From everyday items, like diapers and paper products, to these little items that make our lives easier without branking the bank.

These are my favourite 15 insanely useful products for your home {Under $30}

15 Insanely Useful Products For Your Home {Under $30}

This fur and lint remover that cleans itself 


These shatterproof silicone wine glasses (also great for kids cups and camping trips) 

These bag reseller that keeps your snacks fresh. 


An overflow bath cover so us adults can have a proper bath 


These reusable dryer balls that will save the environment and your money. 



This revolutionary tub drain protector will save your pipes (and you wallet)


This egg cooker that will deliver perfect eggs every time. 


This duster remover hat will reach the small spaces you couldn’t dust before. 


These hedgehogs that will fluff up your towels and pillows in the dryer. 


Use this 5 piece cleaning set to to destroy dust, eliminate dirt, and clean up debris from your window’s shutters with ease.


This cleaning attachment for your drill. 


This dual car charger is also a bluetooth and car finding app. 


This shopping bag holder lets you carry in all your bags at once. 


This little whale will turn your faucet into a drinking fountain (bye bye a million dirty cupe you have to wash everyday). 


And last but not least, these watering spikes that will turn your used water bottle into a self watering spike to wet your plants

Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. kumamonjeng says:

    Wow, I really need some of these products, eg the bag sealer as I don’t have that many of the air tight container. Second item I would love to have is the egg boilers as I consumer quite a lot of boiled egg a day. Do you if the egg boiler can boil egg up to hard boil or half boil?

  2. Sarah says:

    I had no idea most of these products even existed before I read this post, but I want all of them now. Silicone wine glasses would be perfect for summertime on the deck, and those hedgehogs – perfect for my dryer! Great suggestions!

  3. Lyosha says:

    Cleaning devises are so useful! I always spend a lot time trying to clean everything as much as can. I am also interested in sealing products! it must work greatly for me and my family as we eat very few.

  4. Peps Goh says:

    Wow, I don’t know almost half of the products. This kinda reveal that I don’t have my own family and house yet. But the bag resealer is definitely something I will want in my house next time!

  5. What Corinne Did says:

    Look at all those products. I love the idea of the egg cooker! so handy! when i have my own home, i’ll get back to this post and see what i need and get it (even if i don’t need it)

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